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Another new year is upon us and Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH) – one of Qatar’s leading companies in the hospitality sector – seeks to build on the successes of previous years and welcome the challenges and opportunities presented by the year ahead.  


AKH continues to grow and the main reason for this is the superb range of brands that come under its umbrella – brands that appeal to all sections of Qatari society. They range from dining at premium outlets like the L’wzaar Seafood Market to the fashionable and fun Red Velvet Cupcakery – just two of AKH’s expanding portfolio of branded outlets.  


Not everything that AKH does is visible to the eye, however, with the company providing consultancy services for concept design, concept enhancement and management operations for a host of other hospitality companies within Qatar. High profile Event management is an important part of what we do.  


AKH achieved numerous successes in previous years, including the opening of chocolate boutique Chac’Late in February 2013; the opening of American-themed burger joint Burgeri in June 2013;  The opening of Al Jazeera Media Cafe in Katara in May 2015; The opening of Burgeri Bus in August 2015; The opening of Chac’Late extension in January 2016; Conceptualization, management and execution of Ramadan lighting as well as other hospitality activities within Katara Cultural Village, such as the Qatar National Day decoration and the event management of the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival. The opening of the 3rd Katara Traditional Dhow Festival 2013 was under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar.  


AKH completed its plans to open two outlets abroad. The ‘Chapati & Karak’ restaurant in London’s Brompton Street (at the exclusive Knightsbridge area of the British capital) opened in January 2014 and Burgeri restaurant in 22 Great Marlborough Street, London opened in July 2016. This year, there are more projects to look forward to in Katara Cultural Village and Aspire Park.  


AKH is a company defined not only by bringing the best dining experiences and hospitality to its customers but also a clear vision and ambition to become a global brand. 2014 marks a real push to turn this vision into reality by expanding and exporting the quality brands AKH has built up in Qatar, and also promoting the consultancy services it offers to a wider audience.  


The company already has the presence in London, but this is only the beginning. By nurturing our brands – and accruing even more, hospitality experience, AKH seeks to combine these two strong strands into a combined product that will prove irresistible to the overseas market.  


With hard work and dedication, AKH feels the coming years are going to be great and we are at your service, always.



Kholoud Al-Hail

CEO, Aspire Katara Hospitality

Our Vision

The company's vision is to bring to Qatar unique dining concepts from all over the world, to develop our own indigenous concepts, and to create exciting and well-managed events showcasing local heritage and increase awareness of them on an international basis. Further, the goal is to manage luxurious hotels, boutique and quality retail shops to support the business demands of this country, and our burgeoning overseas presence.

Our Values

To always adopt a virtuous approach to our customers and business partners, to provide an outstanding experience for everyone who deals with us, and to conceive and develop unmatched concepts. Our key value is to always go over and beyond the expectation.

Company Profile

Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH) specializes in the field of hospitality and leisure. We envisage real oral turinabol for sale bringing to Doha authentic cuisines from all over the world and we go a step ahead by creating a unique ambiance to our restaurants yet maintain the rich tradition and culture of Qatar. We also provide consultancy and hospitality services to hotels, concept development for retail shops, event management and catering services. After conducting extensive research, we have also introduced to Doha high-end retail and food beverage concepts from abroad. In addition, we have also developed our own concepts which are fully operational and very popular in the region.


We have introduced to the local market specialized dining outlets in Katara – the world-renowned cultural village of Qatar- and our popular outlets include the Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge, L’wzaar Seafood Market, Kunafa Albisana, Shawarma Albisana, le Vesuvio Italian Restaurant, Chac’Late, and the Red Velvet Cupcakery. We also manage Burgeri, a burger restaurant located at Aspire Park.


All restaurants within the AKH portfolio are unique and offer a diverse dining experience. L’wzaar Seafood Market was awarded the Best Seafood Restaurant in 2012 and Highly Commended Seafood Restaurant in 2013 by Time Out Doha. Red Velvet is a prestigious Cupcakery in the USA and we have brought it to Doha, it was awarded the ‘Favorite Delicatessen Outlet’ by Qatar’s Choice Award in 2012.


Our specialized team is continually working to bring more exciting dining opportunities to the residents of Qatar. We have numerous upcoming outlets in Katara and the Aspire Zone. Internationally, our plans are well advanced. We have just launched one of our outlets in London and plans are already underway for expansion for the rest of the outlets and in different locations.




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All restaurants within the AKH portfolio are unique and offer a diverse dining experience.
After conducting extensive research, we have also introduced to Doha high-end retail and food beverage concepts from abroad.



The Redevelopment of Doha Port’s historical position at the heart of the city has played a crucial role in the growth of the State from a small fishing village into a thriving city, boasting a dynamic business climate and vibrant cultural landmarks.

The Port enjoys a strategic location on the coast of Doha, at the southern end of the Corniche, east of the Museum of Islamic Art’s public amenity and the beautifully-designed Qatar National Museum.




The concepts at Mina District in Doha Port are focused on a mix of retail shops, culturally-diverse restaurants, a boutique hotel, a supermarket and a fish market and numerous interesting cafes. The venue is envisioned to be a prime destination and attractive melting pot of tourism and opened November 2022.


Being a prime hub of forward-thinking culture and hospitality, foreign proprietorship of businesses is permitted. Therefore, a Qatari business partner or sponsor to operate is no longer required.


Our team of hospitality professionals will be happy to assist and guide investors with the step-by-step process to help you build a successful brand for your company in the country.


This is a unique and exciting opportunity because foreign sole ownership and venture in Qatar is very limited to only a few number of locations.




The idea behind Box Park concepts at Doha Port is to endorse the venue as a sea-related activity hub consisting of retail shops, fishing equipment, yacht maintenance, boat rentals and other similar sea-related activities. We are thrilled to welcome potential operators that are in the sea-related industry to participate and express their interest.


The Park opened to the public in March 2021.


Exclusivity and uniqueness of ideas are one of the main draws in Katara South Plaza. This means that the concepts developed and operating here are one-of a-kind, translating to a diverse and interesting culinary fusion of F&B Restaurants and fascinating retail outlets. 

In addition to world-class restaurants and cafes, South Plaza includes a Planetarium, office buildings, a Cinema and underground parking. It is located at Katara Cultural Village — the largest and the most multi-dimensional cultural project of Qatar. It is a venue where people come together to experience the cultures of the world through a variety of annually established Festivals and Events.




Contact details

Aspire Katara Hospitality

29th Floor, Al-Asmakh Tower

Zone 63, Street No. 864, Majlis Al Taawon Street,

Bldg. No. 49, Dafna, West Bay

Doha, Qatar

PH: +974 4449 3900

FAX: +974 4449 3901

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